New trend of food packaging: Green& Personalized


Benefiting from the sustained and rapid development of the national macro economy and the increasing living standards of the people, the food industry has maintained a relatively fast development in recent years, and the overall level of the industry has also improved greatly. As a food industry equipment industry, food machinery and packaging machinery industry will provide many varieties, high-quality products to meet the needs of the development of food industry. Food packaging in the past is more of a stay in the food "package" category, and with the increasingly diverse consumer demand, food packaging began to integrate into more functions. In the small series, now consumers for food packaging requirements tend to high quality, high-tech content, composite packaging materials from production, operation of the transformation, the introduction of the food packaging to adapt to the new needs, to "convenient, safe, stylish" as the concept, by consumers.
Food packaging as an important component of commodities, all the while protecting food, packaging materials have become the object of concern to consumers, the use of green raw materials to become the food packaging industry in the future development of the main trend; such as in recent years, composite packaging materials to meet industry requirements, food packaging design tends to green, multi-functional, flexible, this biodegradable green food packaging, not only save production time, but also greatly reduce production costs.
Today, the new personalized consumption of food and beverage products is also emerging. The buyer's market, dominated by consumers, has been established, and China's food production and consumption is gradually entering a personalized era. Food processing and packaging industry more diversified, personalized processing methods of food, many food equipment supplies are facing small batches, personalized changes to meet market demand. Each enterprise launches new products can see the product increasingly has the characteristic, the personalized customization buyer more and more. This requires food processing, packaging enterprises must break through the concept of marketing, from the previous simple "sell products", and gradually turn to design and service, innovative marketing methods, in line with the needs of buyers customization, this will increasingly emphasize the overall grasp of customer demand and service innovation.

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