Poly-tubing and Sheeting



'Poly-tubing' is a flexible, continuous roll of polythene sleeving open at one end and rolled up at other; either on plastic or cardboard core. Economical and easiest way to package or enclose objects of same width but various lengths. Ideal for packaging odd shaped or long items. Simply insert your product into the tubing, cut to required length and heat seal, staple or tape one or both ends. It is also known as 'Layflat tubing'. Usually rolled up to 12" in diameter on a 3" wide core.

'Sheeting' - When Polytubing is slit it is known as 'Sheeting'. There are variety of Sheeting available on the market today, depending the way they cut and wounded. Examples of these are Single wound sheeting, Double wound sheeting, Centrefold sheeting, J-fold sheeting and Centerslit sheeting. Sheeting provides economical protection from dirt, dust and moisture.


Common area of application for 'Poly-tubing and Sheeting'



--Industrial - factory or warehouse



--Food industry



Unique properties of 'Poly-tubing and Sheeting'

--strong and durable



--offers good weather ability

-resistance to chemicals

--cheaper than other form of packaging


Advantages of Poly-tubing and Sheeting

--provides quick, easy and waterproof protection

--economical protection from dust, dirt and moisture

--excellent choice for packaging products of varying lengths - eliminates the need to --stock an expensive variety of bags.

--ideal for odd-shaped or extra-large products - no need for special size bags

--covers warehouse equipment, machinery, construction materials and skids

--replaces expensive drop cloths

--giant sheeting ideal cover for lumber, walls and scaffolding

--BLACK POLY SHEETING - Protect and conceal your product

--Heavy duty opaque plastic sheeting for use in construction, masonry and landscaping

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