R & D


→Rely on scientific and innovation
→Regard product quality as life
→Make with meticulous production

Malion New Materials Co., ltd. has been in accordance with the ISO9001 to establish a set of complete quality system "Relying on scientific and innovation, Regarding product quality as life, Making with meticulous production" to create the first-class industry brand.

Each product has to go through eight steps in the development process, everyone in corresponding Dept. is the leading man for guaranteeing product quality. 

We start from the source, strictly check on the raw materials, control the equipment and processing technic stability. 

In the production process, we attach importance to the process inspection, everyone has the initiative to conduct self-inspection and mutual inspection, which will effectively ensuring the quality and stability of each batch of masterbatch. 

As to warehousing and transportation segment, we choose the most appropriate way to ensure the quality of each pellet can be guaranteed and delivered to customers on time.

every procedure matters

  • Assessment on product development

    Research on product's Commercial benefitResearch on product's Environmental impact


  • Development & Design

    Experimental comparison on application; Verification of three trial productions


  • Incoming-Material management

    Supplier qualification screeningRaw masterials selection system


  • Production preparation

    Machine's maintenance & preservationMachine's reasonable arrangement


  • Manufacturing process monitoring

    Process InspectionFinal Inspection


  • Storage & Transportation

    Reasonable storage Appropriate transportationOutgoing qulity inspection


  • After-sale service

    Professional techinical supportTimely processing of customer complaints


  • Application feedback

    Value every customer's application feedbackCarry on product improving based on customer's feedback



R&D Cooperation

Cooperation with Colleges together

Malion New Materials Co., Ltd., as a high-tech enterprise, has built up the R&D Center rated as the Provincial Enterprise Technical Center and Provincial Engineering Technology Center. 

Malion has already formed strategic partnerships with Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shantou University, Sichuan University, Guangdong University of Petrochemical Technology, as well as other research institutions and colleges and universities, in order to make long-term cooperation of “Production, Study & Research” together. 

High-tech Enterprises

R&D Base

New Research Institute

To further enhance the brand influence and competitiveness of Malion, also, to deepen the cooperation with universities, Malion New Materials Co., Ltd., and Guangdong University of Petrochemical Technology jointly established a new company in the year of 2017.


From Malion & High School

We will conduct R&D work on rubber and plastic new materials with prospective technic, innovating mode and new application, to realize the depth  cooperation based on enterprise fundamental research and advanced technology research with  high school, at the same time, to further enhance the market competitiveness by carrying out high-tech achievements.

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