Six food and beverage packaging trends that will dominate 2020


Like any good design, consumer packaging tells a story. It communicates what a product is, who it’s for, and helps to communicate a brand’s value proposition. But in the highly competitive—and increasingly saturated—food and beverage product landscape, where countless new offerings hit shelves each week, just standing out among the crowd is tougher than ever.

In recent years, this cut-throat competition has prompted F&B brands to experiment with many innovative approaches to packaging design, both aesthetically and functionally, and 2020 will pick up right where 2019 left off.

Here are a few of the hottest trends our designers expect will dominate food and beverage packaging in the year ahead.

Beak Pick jam by Backbone Branding.


1. Metamorphoses

As the name implies, metamorphoses is where one design element goes through a transformation into another, creating an optical illusion that adds visual interest and draws consumers in to view the more intricate details of the packaging.

Already picking up steam throughout 2019, we predict brands will increasingly embrace this artistic, avant garde trend in packaging as a way to make a statement and stand apart from the competition.

Seedlip distilled non-alcoholic spirits.

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